Listening to music is fun, knowing music is cool, and sharing music is hot.

Welcome to the Noots Letter, a breakdown of what’s new in pop & indie music. Each month, we dive into a different corner of past, present, and future sounds and explore their relevance in popular and internet culture. If you think music should have less gate-keeping and more gas-bossing/girl-lighting, you’ve stumbled onto the right place.

Written by Natalie a.k.a. @Noots.Mcgoots — Brooklyn-based performer, Dolly Parton fan, and former fetus. In that order.

What you get:

  • The question marks (thoughts?)

  • The exclamation points (albums!)

  • The dot dot dots (playlists…)

Listen up.

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Natalie Myrick

playmaker / noisemaker / troublemaker. brooklyn, nyc. @noots.mcgoots